Introducing LeRiquiqui to The Arthouse Collective Family

Introducing Le Riquiqui to The Arthouse Collective Family

Ok we love her. and we love her work.

As soon as we were in contact with Le Riquiqui about the potential of becoming a TAC artist we knew we were so lucky to have found her. So energetic and passionate about her artwork it wasn't long before she had come back to us with a concept for her limited edition piece. Of course, we loved it straight away. The piece is unlike any of our other pieces in the collection but still compliments the other artworks. Le Riquiqui's artwork is bright and minimal and I'd almost say funky even though the word funky is really no longer funky. Her work is done by the method of Risograph which produces very similar results to that of screen printing and allows for fluorescent ink prints that cannot be replicated on screen or digital printing. Basically it's cool and it's really bright! 

So let's find out a little bit about Le Riquiqui before we release her funky print for sale on Sunday!


Le Riquiqui's Story

I drew a lot when I was little and knew I wanted to do something art-related. My parents have always run their own small business and are largely self-taught. After finishing school, Graphic Design seemed like the most practical option, so I did a degree, worked in a Melbourne design studio and then in London advertising for years. As much as I’d learned and experienced, I felt unfulfilled and deeply disconnected to the work and the impact it had. The turning point came when I resigned and ran away to fix my head – backpacking for 7 months through Central America and Mexico. Traveling alone was freedom! Learning Spanish brought my brain back to life, and I started to surf – revelations and clichés galore – I also met my future partner Rémi. Our only common language was Spanish so that was some excellent motivation to improve!

After arriving back in London I took on more independent freelance work – stuff I related to and cared about – and started to hatch a plan for change. By the time Rémi and I moved to France for a year in 2013 (his home country.. yet another language to crack) I was finally ready to break away as a totally independent creative. Hurray. 

So Le Riquiqui began in a sharehouse on a chicken farm in rural France, in the form of a blog: a long-overdue outlet for artistic experiments and side projects. Having time, space and freedom to create was the ultimate breath of fresh air. 

We moved to Australia in 2014 and since then Le Riquiqui has been gradually evolving. Last November it graduated from digital to tangible in the form of Limited Edition Riso Prints, which unexpectedly sold well in Stockholm and across Scandinavia, Europe, the US and Australia. This year, a range of Greeting cards have been released which are available in a selection of Sydney stores. It’s been a lot of fun growing something from the very beginning and I’m looking forward to what’s ahead.


Q&A With Le Riquiqui

1. What’s your name?
Le Riquiqui

Where are you from?

I grew up in Theodore, a small country town in central Queensland. Since then I’ve spent most time living and working in London, Melbourne, tropical north Queensland and France.

Where are you living now?
Currently in Sydney and soon to be in Melbourne (for winter, eep!).

What’s your favourite colour?
I’m so fussy about colour so can’t choose just one. The shortlist would be azure blue, tea rose, metallic gold and fiery orange-red <3

What’s your favourite food?
Mediterranean Spanish and Italian is right up there.

What are your current artistic influences? What inspires you to carry on doing what you’re doing?

Currently into expressive clean lines and the contrast of fresh and rusty autumn colours.

I carry on doing what I’m doing because it’s a great feeling, each day is different and rewarding. I’m in my element when making things and finding everyday solutions. No task is meaningless and I feel like I’m on the right track, which I’d never genuinely felt before.

How do you find life as an emerging artist in Australia?
It’s an exciting time to be an independent. Like-minded creatives and free resources are readily accessible and there’s a spirit of artists supporting each other – by starting collectives (like this one!) and collaborating. Instagram especially has been an amazing way for me to be able to connect into a thriving community.

What is your dream as an artist? What’s your ultimate goal? Your dream job?
I love what I’m able to do now and super grateful for it. The possibility of evolving beyond this point and being able to make a living developing artistic ideas in a studio space would be the ultimate.

What style of work are you contributing to Arthouse? Describe your style of work.
Playful, colourful and naïve ..? I don’t mind how the style is described, but those words come to mind.

Dansoeur by Le Riquiqui

Available Sunday 21st May

Limited Edition of 24  

AUD $95.00

Introducing Le Riquiqui to The Arthouse Collective Family