Alex Ponting Talks to The Arthouse Collective

Alex Ponting Talk to The Arthouse Collective

A Little Bit About Alex:

We were recently lucky enough to catch up with Alex Ponting from AP Design House in Woollahra, Sydney. 

We’ve been huge fans of AP Design House since it’s easiest days as an interior design studio and retail store in Paddington, Brisbane and as the brand has grown over the years, so too has our love for Alex’s eye for detail, design and interior style. 

Artwork is without a doubt one of the most important parts of interior design (according to me) so it made sense to talk to someone who really understood what a piece of art means within a space and where to find it. We also discuss the artwork trends for 2017 in the interior world and some of Alex’s best advice for emerging artist. 

The Interview:

What do you think are going to be the big interior trends of 2017?

Current artwork trends I am seeing this year are free-flowing, continuous lines; artworks which have a sense of calmness and elegance. 

What is trending in artwork according to you at the moment?

I am a big supporter of contemporary artwork (be it old or new). I tend to stick to the classics when it comes to furniture. Contemporary artwork gives me the opportunity to have a bit more fun, introduce colour, and be a little less serious. 

Where do you usually find your artwork?

Contemporary Australian art galleries; Paddle 8; Artsy; Ocula; 1st dibs; (The Arthouse Collective)  

Do you prefer to buy from a store (physical or online) or speak directly to the artist?

I do prefer to view an artwork before purchasing from a physical or online store, unless I am familiar with the artist previous works. 

I don’t feel a need to speak to the artist, but if the opportunity arises - amazing!

How much of your budget goes towards the art?

I would generally set aside 20 - 30% of the budget towards art, give or take. For me, art is what makes a space sing. 

Is it the artwork it’s self that you buy or do you have to consider the value and reputation of the artist?

I believe in investing in art that you have a connection with first and foremost. 

From there, I like to research the artist. It is good to seek a deeper connection to the artwork through the artists’ history and/or meaning behind the piece. 

My initial reaction to an artwork would not change if I discovered the artist was not established though. 

I think the key point to remember when buying art is to make an informed purchase. Do your research, refine your tastes, and don’t buy the first thing you see. 

Would you consider using artwork by an emerging artist?

Absolutely! It is awesome to get behind local, up and coming Australian and international artists. 

Keep up with AP Design House. Follow their instagram @APDesignHouse

A Recap:

I think the main message out of this interview is that art is an essential part of designing a space, whether you are doing that yourself or getting someone to help you. It’s always easy to look at something and go yes! I want that, but it really is much better to do your research before you invest in a piece of art. 

For us, the issue we had with buying artwork was that you would see it somewhere (instagram or pinterest) and think ok I want that, then you turn around and 200 other people were thinking the same thing and already have it in their house. Commercial artwork that you see on pinterest or some instagram accounts is flooded through every homewares store in Australia. The same art or very similar style. Think about it… How many homewares stores are stocking huge canvas with pastel toned brush strokes and a hint of gold foil or something. Every store has it. Will the trend last forever? Probably not. You’re better off finding your own style. Looking deeper and of course buying off emerging artists!!

Our goal with The Arthouse Collective is to help refine that search. Offer people somewhere different to find artworks that are classic and will never be flooded through mainstream retail. Our pieces are all limited edition and exclusive to our collection.

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