Introducing Graphic Artist, Annabelle Lambie

Annabelle Lambie is a graphic artist based in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast. As a landscape architect, her work is based on the beauty of nature. Annabelle is a special artist at The Arthouse Collective, as not only will she be providing a print for the collection, but is also the brains behind the Arthouse concept. As an artist trying to get noticed within the ever-changing industry, while also managing the creative and business side of selling artwork, Annabelle felt it was he duty to help fellow emerging artists with a foot up at the beginning of their career and hence, The Arthouse Collective concept was born.


Annabelle’s story:

“I started doing my designs 4 years ago as my own platform for change. At the time I was studying landscape architecture and became obsessed with sustainability and people’s perception of nature. I have always had a strong belief that to save the planet we are living on, we need to learn to appreciate the raw beauty of what we have, in order to love and therefore protect it.

From there I have continued to develop my designs and eventually moved into graphic design where I work with my art to create wallpapers, textiles etc. 

It’s been a fun journey and I’ve still got a long way to go which is exciting."


The Arthouse Collective x Annabelle Lambie:

Annabelle has created a beautiful deep red rose print for our launch collection. Her work is soft and intricate while still be graphic design. We love it because it’s so different to the other styles of graphic artwork on the market. Most people compare her work to watercolour because of the delicacy of the work. It’s a time consuming process to get this look but we love it and we think our customers are going to love it as well!


The Arthouse Collective | Introducing Annabelle Lambie Emerging Artist from Brisbane, Australia

A little Q&A with Chantel:

1. Where are you from?    

Originally from Brisbane.

2. Where are you living now?        

Currently living in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast (with the dream of moving back to Melbourne)

3. What’s your favourite colour?    


4. What’s your favourite food?    


5. What is your dream as an artist? What’s your ultimate goal? Your dream job?    

I dream of being able to be just an artist. No graphic design, just all day creating and experimenting in my little studio. I also dream of helping other emerging artists while at the same time creating the best damn online print store in the entire world. That’s my 5 year plan - there’s plenty more things on my list after that - including saving the planet.