Chantel DeLatour, food and beverage watercolorist based in Melbourne, Australia.

We’ve been so excited to release Chantel since we first started The Collective late last year. Her talent with watercolour truely blows us away and we love her subject matter and inspiration in the food and beverage industry. ‘We are all one-offs and each of us sees the world through a unique ‘filter’. My aim is to offer a fresh visual interpretation of the food and wine that continues to inspire me.’ Chantel’s work is soft and detailed and the beautiful ‘Oyster no.3’ print she has created exclusively for our launch collection is no different.

Chantel’s story:

My mother is also a painter, I grew up sitting alongside her while she painted, with my own table and set of brushes and paints. We still spend all of our time together painting and discussing art, film, literature, good food and wine - anything and everything that sustains visual inspiration. Art school gave me the chance to develop the working processes that led to my commitment to illustration. 

Chantel also spent some time studying viticulture and winemaking and that experience has emerged as an ongoing theme in my work. The food and wine industry is the ongoing influence and inspiration for my subject matter. Looking at contemporary and traditional art and film also provides an ongoing steady stream of visual possibilities. 

The Arthouse Collective x Chantel DeLatour:

We have been following Chantel’s work for a couple of years now. She is a real inspiration to us with her detailed dedication to watercolour and the food industry. We are so excited to have her as part of our team and her beautiful ‘Oyster no.3’ piece is one of our favourites in the collection. The piece is a stand out. Chantel’s work is described as a balance between whimsical and realism. 

“The versatility of watercolour as a medium allows me to choose which aspects of an image to imbue with detail and which to leave as a fluid suggestion.“

The Arthouse Collective | Chantel DeLatour: Affordable Artwork by Emerging Australian Artists

A little Q&A with Chantel:

2. Where are you from?    

I was born in Sydney, raised in the south of France, then New Zea- land, now based in Melbourne 

3. Where are you living now?        

Melbourne for the time being

4. What’s your favourite colour?    


5. What’s your favourite food?    

I love a good guacamole

9. What is your dream as an artist? What’s your ultimate goal? Your dream job?    

My dream and goal is simply to continue to do what I’m doing - painting food and wine and evolving as an artist.