Introducing The Amazing Artwork by Melbourne Based Artist, Liz Rowland

The Arthouse Collective releases, Liz Rowland, as our second artist to be a part of our affordable contemporary art collection. Liz’s work captures the charm of a place, person or character through panting by hand, using primarily gouache because of the ‘creamy chalkiness of it’. Her work is quite whimsical and colourful but she doesn’t like anything too sickly or sweet. Liz’s art is unique and beautiful and we just love it here at The Collective.

The Arthouse Collective | Liz Rowland | Affordable Contemporary Art

Liz’s story:

“As cliche as it sounds, I have drawn, painted and created for as long as I can remember. 

I have an incredibly creative family. My amazing mum is always crafting so I grew up surrounded by paper, pencils, felt, fabric - it was endless. I wrote stories and designed the characters, then made 3D models from plasticine or redrew them in Microsoft Paint, which I saved to floppy disk and stored under my pillow...I wasn’t very cool. Several years later, after finishing an art foundation course in my hometown, I was offered a place at my dream university to study Illustration. 

After university, I stopped drawing for the first time in my life. I was completely lost and wasn’t ready to be a commercial illustrator. I began interning as an agent, which led me into project and account management. I was living in London, earning a comfortable wage and having lots of fun. But I wasn’t being creative. 4 years after graduating I was finally ready to get back to illustration. My boyfriend and I then made a decision to leave the U.K. We spent several months exploring Latin America. I was so inspired to paint again and used my time on the road to build a fresh body of work. We arrived in Australia earlier this year where I am now working as a freelance Illustrator. I have a space in a shared studio in Fitzroy and couldn’t be happier.”

The Arthouse Collective x Liz Rowland:

Stumbling across Liz’s work was one of the most exciting moments to date at The Arthouse Collective. She’s got an amazing talent and we are not only excited to have her on board but excited to have found her at this point in her career. We have two works available by Liz for the launch of The Collective, however both are part of seperate series that we are excited to see unfold over the coming months. Our goal here at The Collective is to showcase the amazing work of emerging artists and Liz makes us very excited to be in such a wonderful position in which we get to do so. We’re certain you are going to love her work as much as we do, so stay tuned for her exclusive, limited edition range, launching soon. 

The Arthouse Collective | Liz Rowland | Affordable Contemporary Art

A little Q&A with Liz:

What’s your name? 

Liz Rowland 

Where are you from? 


Where are you living now? 


What’s your favourite colour? 


What’s your favourite food? 

I love Japanese food. And anything coconutty. I’m spoilt for both of these things in Melbourne! 

What are your current artistic influences? What inspires you to carry on doing what you’re doing? 

There are a huge number of amazing artists I look to for inspiration. David Hockney,, Bhupen Khakar, Laura Carlin, Olaf Hajek. My biggest inspiration comes from people and their stories. I am interested in different cultures and the food, patterns, smells and wildlife that make them unique. I read and watch a lot about the way people live. 

What is your dream as an artist? What’s your ultimate goal? Your dream job? 

My goal now is to make a comfortable living as a freelancer. If I can keep my head above water in the next few months as I am getting my feet off the ground then I will be very happy! I guess my dream job would be to illustrate travel guides. There are lots of amazing photographers that inspire you to get out and explore the world. I want to do this with illustration.