The Arthouse Collective sells prints only.

We understand that prints bought generally sit on the shelf waiting to be framed for too long so we've done the hard work for you and found the best framers for all budgets. 


  • Ikea - yes, going to Ikea is horrible, but the frames are pretty good and look really nice on the wall. The quality may not be the best but the general look and feel is perfect for a budget option.

We suggest using Ikea for smaller prints. Any print A2 or larger, we wouldn't recommend. Prices for an A3 size frame start at $14.99

  • Spotlight - a good option! They regularly sell out of frames so you may have to keep your eyes out but these frames are a little higher quality than Ikea and still very affordable. 

Spotlight stocks frames for all sizes from A5 to A1. They also have 3 colours - white, black and oak. We recommend the oak colour - it's nice! Prices for A3 start at $24.99

  • Freedom - again, a little higher standard than the other two however, their sizes really vary depending on the store. They don't stock anything about A3 but the quality is nice and they have a greater range of colour choice. A3 frames start at $54.99 but they are always having sales!


  • Country Road - The framing sizes are again not too vast but for the smaller sized prints, Country Road has beautiful frames (some stores do stock larger frames and you can also buy them online up to A1). The colours and styles are always changing and they generally have what's on trend, but you can't go wrong with the plain white or black. 

A3 frames start at around $69.99 - again they always have sales. 

  • West Elm - the frames from West Elm are quite beautiful and different. You can get your standard white/black or if you are looking for something a little different, a stand out piece, West Elm has some really nice frames. Worth having a look at and they also seem to go on sale a bit. A3 frames starting at $55.00

Mid Range / high quality frames

  • A1 Framing -  These framers are great! They are by far the best quality and most affordable framing company in Brisbane. They have a whole warehouse filled with ready made frames to fit all sizes and are happy to customise the matt board to suit your print. They also specialise in custom framing and can work with you on any size or style. Highly recommended!

Located in Brisbane - 

  • Corporate Art - A little higher priced but the best framers we have found on the Gold Coast. They are an offshoot from St Barts the homewares store so they know their interiors and what looks good. They are great for advice. They only do custom framing which is why the costs are higher than any of our other recommendations. Worth it if you are looking for something really special!

Located in the Gold Coast -

  • Frames ReadyMade - Love this store. Really affordable and high quality. Plus they pride themselves on being Australian made which we like. (I'm assuming all the other framers are Australian made too but they make note of it.) They have a huge selection of frames available in store in all different sizes and colours. They are also available for custom framing. 

Located in Brunswick, Melbourne -

  • Art + Framing - This store was recommended to us by a friend because they have an extensive range of ready made frames in stock at affordable prices and are also available for custom framing. 

Located in Sydney -

  • Frame Shop - a highly regarded frame shop in the outer suburbs of Sydney, this shop stocks ready made frames as well as the custom framing option. The frames are high quality and affordable prices. 

Located in Sydney, outer suburbs -

  • Art + Frame - a great framing store in Adelaide. This store has a great range of ready made frames in all sizes and colours. The store also offers custom framing and have a huge selection of stand out framing options. 

Located in Adelaide -