We find the freshest up and coming artists, share them with you and sell their work exclusively, at affordable prices.

Each artwork has been carefully selected because of the timelessness, quality and potential we see in each of our artist’s work which means we can guarantee that our prints will never be part of a trend (trends end - what a waste) and will last a lifetime when framed and cared for correctly. 


Firstly, there is a huge gap in the market. There are art galleries and there is Etsy but what's in the middle? Where can you buy fresh contemporary, high quality art at affordable prices? The answer is from emerging artists. The talent coming out of Australia's emerging art scene is phenomenal and to save you trolling through Instagram or attending end of semester art shows, we've developed The Arthouse Collective. Our goal is to find the freshest up and coming artists, showcase their work & their story and sell it exclusively for affordable prices.

Secondly, Annabelle is an emerging artist and has struggled to get her work noticed. She realised there were hundreds of amazing artists in the same position, developing incredible artworks that no one would ever see. What an opportunity! She wanted to find these artists, hear their stories and build a community and support network for all artists to share their wins and losses, help each other and work together. She wanted to answer the questions she wished someone had answered for her which is when the mentoring program was established as a part of our support network. We are still developing and learning everyday in hope that we can inspire and help as many emerging artists as we can, to develop their talents and build a career out of art.


Run by emerging artist, Annabelle Lambie and her amazing business partner / art lover / emerging artist supporter, Elise Wilson.

We believe the art you choose to hang in your house tells your story. As art fanatics, both our houses are packed full of art we’ve collected over the years and I can tell you honestly, that we love each piece. A lot of them are small because that's what we could afford at them time but we love that. They are an investment and have helped to shape our houses into homes.

Let us give you the same opportunity. Support an emerging artist and watch them grow. See their work develop and follow their story. That’s what its all about for us. Connecting you to your artwork and developing the story of your home while supporting an emerging artist. You’re never too young or old to start your collection.


The Arthouse Collective | Our Values | Emerging Australian Artists


  • We pay our artists a higher rate than industry standard for their work
  • We provide professional photographs of each artwork for our artists to use however they desire.
  • We offer opportunities for wholesaling and retail industry exposure. 
  • We provide opportunities for group and solo exhibitions. 
  • We provide artists with discounted rates for framing, graphic design and photographers should they need it. 
  • We’re here to help.


Thank you for your support.

Because of you, we're able to find and support more artists every day.